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HB 1st and 2nd at Battle of the SIKest with Tessmann and Moller 2015


Ty Tessman's race report:

We headed down to California for the Battle of the SIKest at Thunder Alley Rc Raceway May 1-3.  Levi Jackson once again outdid himself on the track build, it was a really fun track to drive/race. 

This was one of the most technical tracks I have ever been on, super tight, lot's of timing sections but it was so much fun.  Unfortunately there weren't as many people attending as Levi had hoped for. Everyone was given three 10 minute practice sessions for each class before qualifying started.  There were 2 qualifiers and the qualifiers were 7, 10 and 15 minutes long.  The mains were run as triple A Main format with each of the mains being 20 minutes, this gave everyone tons of track time and made the event awesome with everyone getting more than their money's worth.

Qualifying went well for me, I was able to overall tq both truck and buggy but Lutz and Moller made sure it wasn't easy.

For Truck the mains went pretty much perfectly, I was able to go 10 minutes on fuel for my first pit stop with my OS powered D8TTE, but by the time the 17 minute mark came along I had enough of a lead that I came in for a splash just to be on the safe side.  I won the first 2 A mains and sat out the 3rd.

In Buggy the first A main was pretty chaotic, after a few laps in I had a little bit of a gap and I just shorted a jump which should not have happened but I rolled over and needed a marshall, this allowed Lutz and Moller to get by me then the race was on.  A little bit into the race Lutz's car broke and Moller came in for fuel which allowed me to take the lead again, I was able to go 10 minutes but due to lack of communication between my Dad and I which doesn't happen very often I missed my fuel stop.  In a panic he called me into pit lane backwards which obviously resulted in a penalty, I was forced to come in for a 5 second stop and go on the rail which gave Drew the lead.  I worked hard to try and catch him but wasn't able to close the gap and took 2nd in that main.  For the next 2 A mains we decided to not take a chance on the 10 minute pit strategy and pit at the same time everyone else did, I was able to pull away a little bit and stay in the lead for the whole race to win both A2 and A3.

This was a really exciting race with a really cool format, I would encourage anyone who can to try and make any of the Battle of the SIKest events, Jimmy Babcock did a great job running the race and Levi Jackson did a great job on the track, thanks to Larry and Debbie for a great facility and the hospitality.  As usual all my equipment ran flawlessly, thanks for all the support.

Drew Moller's race report:

This past weekend was The Battle of the Sikest held at Thunder Alley R/C Raceway. I was very excited for this race because of the unique format. There were three rounds of qualifying each at different lengths, and triple A Mains. The qualifiers were seven, ten, and fifteen minutes long.

Friday started out with three controlled practice runs, that afternoon the first round was ran. In both classes I would get off to a slow start by having some mechanical issues but would bounce back in the later rounds. On Saturday I would find some pace and would go on to qualify 3rd in buggy and 4th in truck.

Coming into the mains I was very comfortable with my buggy, but I was still searching for some speed in truck. I made some changes and went for it! The triple A mains were twenty minutes long each and were action packed.

In truck I would continue to dial in my car but couldn’t match the speed of Ty or Lutz. I would go onto finish third overall.

In buggy I was very confident. In the first main I got off to a good start and would follow Ty and Lutz patiently. Around the half way mark Ty would have a pit mishap allowing me to take the lead and go on to take the win. In the next main I used the same strategy but Ty was on fire and could not be stopped, I would settle for second. In the last main I made some mistakes in the beginning and would have to play catch up. Ty and Lutz both drove awesome and would not be catchable. I would go onto finish third in the final main. After the three mains I would finish 2nd overall. I had an awesome time at the race. The track that Levi Jackson built from Sik track designs was incredible. I would like to thank my sponsors for all of their help and support. AXADD Digital Servos ,HB/HPI racing, Proline, LRP, Ko Propo, Amain.com, VP Powermaster, Avid, Up Grade R/C, Lunsford, 110% Racing, and my family.